■ The Development and Realization of Neo Spiritualism


Three Periods


Modern psychical research and Spiritualism

 Fox Family Events, which occurred in Hydesville, New York, in 1848, became the beginning, and modern psychical research started. It spread to Britain, which was the center of the scientific study in the world at that time, in 1852, four years later from the event. Successively, the scientific psychical research by scientists started there. Such as Alfred Russell Wallace, a developer of the theory of evolution with C.R. Darwin, and Sir William Crooks, a discoverer of the element thallium, performed the experimental studies. No less than forty four pictures of a full-materialized phantom named Katie King, which was taken by Crooks in his laboratory, especially supported the existence of the spirits. Establishing the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in 1882, first-class scholars in those days assembled there and looked into psychic phenomena.1)

  The result of psychical research shows the existence of the spirits; it brings a new way of human life. Spiritualism is the life guiding principle rationally drawn from the theories obtained through scientific research on psychic phenomena; moreover, it is based on only a few high spirit messages selected from among a large number of worthy and unworthy ones. It is considered that the high spirit messages forming the existence of the world after-death but for carrying out a divine project for the new age.

 Spiritualism in Europe has been working as a helpful way to individual’s relief. Chiefly, communion for comfort of life and spiritual healing are in force there. The revelations of Silver Birch and White Eagle, which exist like miracles out of various spirit messages, are told as the last flowers of modern psychical research. The true purpose of them is for all humankind to go into the earth new age, with radically changing in human soul and awaking to “Man is God”.


Silver Birch2) 
 Always when I return to those inner spheres I am aware of the perfection of the plan that was devised by superior beings who belong to the hierarchy and marvel at the efficiency of its superb organization. And so I come back with the reinforced assurance that no matter how dark, difficult and troubled your world is, the power of the Great Spirit will prevail.