■ The Development and Realization of Neo Spiritualism

Spiritualism evolved in Japan 1


Chronological Record of Neo Spiritualism


Wasaburo Asano
Evolution into “Japan Spiritualism”

 Wasaburo Asano is “the father of modern psychical research of Japan” who introduced western psychical research and Spiritualism into Japan. His work did not end with transplanting the fruits of the western study which led to Spiritualism movement from the 1920s to the 1930s through the generation of the research in 1848. He found out that ancient Japanese thought (Koshinto) fundamentally agreed with western Spiritualism. Calling it “Japan Spiritualism”, he made Spiritualism take a step foreward.1) Japan Spiritualism was supported by 10,000 or more people’s experiences and data with ancient Japanese meditation, “Chinkon Kishin”.2)

  Wasaburo Asano achieved the remarkable feat of the establishment of “Society for Psychical Science Research” in only fifteen years until he passed away in 1937. It was the work of the most excellent intellectual of modern Japan through exactly displaying “Japanese spirit and Western learning”. It became the foundation of modernization of Japan.

 Asano argues that each individual owns his/her guardian spirit (one of their forefathers) behind him/herself, having the guardian angel (Ryujin 3)) behind them. The source of them is the creation god. Furthermore, the guardian angel exists behind the natural world, whose source is also the creation god. Through the guardian spirits, man connects with gods of forefathers, gods of the natural world, and the creation god; simultaneously, man is protected by them. The same connection applies to the all things. In this way, “Life Monism” from ancient times in Japan and western Spiritualism are united.4)