■ The Development and Realization of Neo Spiritualism

Spiritualism evolved in Japan 2


Chronological Record of Neo Spiritualism


Chousei Waki
advanced a more practical type of ‘ Japan Spiritualism’

 Chousei Waki was a virtual successor to Wasaburou Asano and a direct teacher of Hiroyoshi Kuwahara. He became a ‘Saniwa’ ,who judges and deal with spirits behind people,  in ‘the Society for Psychical Science Research’ which Wasaburou Asano had built. He assisted Wasaburou Asano in researching psychical science.
 After he passed away in 1937, Chousei Waki succeeded Wasaburou Asano and carried out activities of ‘the Society for Psychical Science Research’. He continued the publication of its journal “ Spirit and Life” till the time he passed away at the age of 88 on July 1st ,1978. He kept on lighting true Psychical Science Research in Japan.

 Although he had unusual psychic competence, he put all his heart into dealing with psychic severely and scientifically as a psychical science researcher. It was not until at least spiritual words of four psychics accorded or corroboration existed that he accepted the psychical phenomena and mediumship. He also demonstrated concrete spirits’ workings behind the person through “Thought Control” and “Chinkon Kishin” (practicing meditation).1) He advanced a more practical type of ‘ Japan Spiritualism’ that Asano had created.

 Waki researched the existence and function of each kind of evil spirits, at last he ascertained that actually people are disconnected from guardian spirit, and that the working of evil spirits makes people become unhappy and ill .  He guided in teaching that people can spiritualize their astral bodies by answering for their doing ( Practice to spiritualize in daily life)and practicing meditation(Japanese Chinkon Kishin). The two ways of making people connect with their guardian spirits and even God. Finally the two ways lead people to the happiness and peace.