■ Why is Neo Spiritualism important today?


3 big superstitions of human race

 Our world is currently dominated by the human race which has lost the viewpoint of oneness (all life is being completely united with one).

 Science was developed in the civilization that classifies minerals, plants and animals as matter work by means of clockworks. The era evolved from religion into science. Science had released human beings from old, mistaken and self-righteous faith had confined them to the religious community.

 On the other hand, the science created the “mammon” which admired matter and disregarded heart and spirit. Human beings controlled by “mammon” are cooking and devouring the material earth as they like at present.

 We are facing to die out of animals and plants, global warming, the expansion of the ozone hall, increasing of the diseases such as cancer or AIDS and resistant bacteria, mental disease such as melancholy and the constant threat of unclear weapons. Everyone knows human beings now stand still to handle these sufferings which cruel science made.

 Meanwhile spiritual boom has arisen lately, and spiritual things are getting common by young people. Without regard to the situation, many people have no scholarly guide to spirit, blindly believe in risky cult, and mislead themselves. In the present affairs, many incidents occurred one after another and they give rise to fear and confusion in this world continuously.

 This Web site shows you the right way of looking at and dealing with the spirit, introducing how a new way of life (Spiritualism) has been shaped through the modern psychical research.

 Please read this site, if you would like to take the right view on the spirit and seek a new way of life with awakening to the spirit.

 Please read it, if you have some doubt about religions and frown on enthusiasm for occultism today.
 Please really read it, if you cherish a long-held dream for saving the earth and desire a way to overcome the problems on the earth.

  Human is not mere physical being. Human is Life, who has a divine role and God within. The invisible bodies exist, and unseen worlds (the Underworld), corresponding to those bodies, also do. Moreover, the divine plan to enter upon the new age exists. In this site, you will find that you are indispensable to the plan.

  When we human beings realize that living in love and service is not mere morality but an optimum law toward happiness from the bottom of our hearts, we will be reborn and the Earth will certainly turn into a planet of love.

 The whole world becomes happy. That is all we pray for, and therefore we open this Web site.