■ What is Neo Spiritualism?

 Neo Spiritualism is the  principle to guide your life, originated and advocated by Hiroyoshi Kuwahara. This principle shows the way to live in the new spiritual period,  21st Century. Neo Spiritualism is not a kind of religious. It is based on the spiritual theory of Modern psychic research, it is a blanch of learning system that was systematized by knowledge and theory and was constructed.

  Neo Spiritualism preaches that “ Human being is a child of God and love is the natural law for peace and happiness” as a fundamental truth,  when a person lives a life based on love and service, he or she can be connected with God1),  and  can change the Earth to the planet of love lastly.
  Neo Spiritualism  also preaches the theory of Medium Bodies that was  constructed by  admitting  the invisible body ‘ Medium Bodies’ and  further in order to keep on living ‘ love and Service’.  We  repeat  reincarnation in order to purify and evolve medium bodies ( the evolution of spirituality), and to return to God finally.
Neo Spiritualism is described quite easily and rationally so that everyone can understand and put it into practice.  We can think that the essence of Neo Spiritualism is the nucleus to open up new civilization of human beings.