■ What is Neo Spiritualism?

The way of living “Dekunobou”



The points of the way of living “Dekunobou” which make everyone evolve and improve

 The points of the way of living “Dekunobou” shows  us the extract which is the simple and clear way so that  everyone can put it into practice . When we put the points of living “Dekunobou” into practice, we can improve character, and attain to happiness.
  This points is just the same as the points which were preached by the people called “saints” in Eastern and Western. Each point of the way of living “Dekunobou” has a serious truth and a power makes everyone beyond religions , races or nationalities change one’s real life .


  As it is so simple to carry them out, you might think them ridiculous.  Even if the points are truth and too difficult to put them into practice, everyone cannot be saved.  In order to save everyone, it is necessary that the points are so “simple” for practice, to have “rationality” in order not to lose one’s way and fall in a hole, have “ laws” which is clear-cut principle ,and enable us to enter the back of truth following the principle.

  There are many channels of escape from doing ascetic self-discipline for development of spiritual ability. ,  for example , paying much money to the founder of a religion, getting a spiritual label or a pot. Even if  someone uses high-grade skill and spiritualistic medium preaches, and makes light of the ordinary way of living, use of those channels falls into the intercession dependence.  There are many cases , even if doing very best, one improves oneself less than the persons who don’t know spiritual knowledge or anything improve. ( When one notices the fault , however, it is very important experience gives his or her a chance to  improve own character.)