■ What is Neo Spiritualism?

Theory of Medium Bodies

 Medium theory rationally demonstrates why love and service are man’s way of life and indicates a right direction and method of the improvement in characters (spiritual evolution). It suits people today in place of established religions and morals, and is considered to open a new phase to psychology, pedagogy, and medicine.

Man is composed of the triple body (Spirit, medium bodies, physical body)

The composition of the human body and the other planes   made by Hiroyoshi Kuwahara
 Man is composed of Spirit (a source of life and consciousness) and medium bodies ( invisible bodies - celestial body, causal body, and astral body , which are put three stages bodies in order of closer to Spirit) and physical body. Medium bodies exist in order to make Spirit connect to physical body, and each of these plays a role individually. The celestial body coordinates with love and wisdom of a God. The causal body functions on reason ( such as truth, good and beauty, justice, conscience, and reflection mind), the astral body emotions (negative thoughts, especially). These medium bodies, under the law of wavelength, enable man to continuously mix with others through a wave motion and to weave one’s own life.

Astral body is a computer

 The astral body is a computer which ceaselessly and errorlessly carries out reception, transmission, amplification record and operation of a wave motion. With this body’s functioning, man is actually an ordinary man in spite of originally “Man is God”. Man’s all evil conceptions transmitted through words, acts, and thoughts in his/her daily life are recorded on the astral body, which causes this medium body to be cloudy, that muddiness makes the essential light of Spirit pervert; consequently, man becomes an ordinary person with deficiency in mind and body.

The personality (the self) of man belongs to the astral body

The subconscious, in other words, man’s real intention and personality belongs to the astral body.  Therefore, a man who has a clear astral body (=a holy person) is a man whose words, acts, and thoughts are pure. Man’s personality depends on whether man’s daily behavior come of love (=pure) or spite (=unclear).

Purifying the astral body is the decisive factor in all evolution and a shift to paradise on the planet Earth

 A dirty astral body’s coming into the open on physical body through the ether, man gets ill. Evil spirits respond to a cloudy astral body due to the law of wavelength. As the evil spirits increase an evil thought and control man, they lead man to commit a crime and to cause an accident. If a lot of human’s astral bodies are dirty, it causes a war to break out.

Purifying the astral body depends on man’s words, acts, and thoughts in daily life

 Since the astral body functions as a computer to record, man’s daily words, acts, and thoughts from love and service enable the astral body purify. Carrying out it constantly is the only way to purify the astral body.

Carrying out the real ‘ love and service’ makes your astral body improve more

 When you really carry out `love and service’, the deed is recorded and never disappeared. The light of Sprit is never changed unlike astral body, causal body is expanded ( aura shines) astral body is purified, physical body becomes healthy.  Real love ( unselfish and gratis love ) is definitely important for purifying astral body.




The Importance of Theory of Medium Bodies  ・・・
The conspicuous bad effect which due to no knowledge of Theory of Medium Bodies

 Many psychical researchers, mysticism and the people who deal with the invisible don’t know the workings of this medium bodies, take many risks and enter a maze.

 Even some spiritualists tend to believe in what psychics say. Most psychics are influenced by their condition and their subconscious, because they don’t have effective filter to prevent from being possessed by an evil spirit. Saniwa is a vital to evaluate which spirits a person is connected with. Even if it is clear to which spirit is connected with, as far as you are guided by psychics in chores, you always depend on others, you can not improve yourself in human nature.

   Psychics can make the physical phenomenon ( drawing things , floating in the air) happen through the working of ether which is close to the material world. When psychics can make it happen, we tend to worship them as saint. It must be wrong judging from the right spiritual knowledge, internal organization ( how they are doing it).

   Nowadays, there are many cases many people draw evil spirits and are possessed by evil spirits and are possessed by evil spirits without noticing them.(These situations were taken by cameras.)  That’s because they don’t know the law of wave length, and they do yoga and meditate from the motivation of egoism. It is very important for us to notice these dangerous situations bring us to lunacy, and destroy our lives. Meditation is necessary and beneficial to improve personality and awake souls, however you mustn’t meditate without a spiritual leader whom you believe in at the risk of your life. These methods require object lessons which is not based on mere knowledge. When you do meditate rightly, we suggest you should refer to books with right knowledge about meditation.1)